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Investment in forest trusts

The Forest Trusts allow small and large investors to make a safe, sustainable, socially responsible investment and with an attractive profitability in the medium and long term (between 10 and 15% according to the characteristics of the project).


Sustainable forest management system that guarantees the preservation and recovery of the ecosystem
Solid legal framework for forest businesses
Optimal conditions of climate and soil
Absence of pests and diseases
Possibility of developing complementary businesses: tourism, carbon credits certification, etc.

Ideal structure for forest businesses

Separates the assets involved from investors’ equity.
It presents greater flexibility of adaptation to the activity to be carried out than a partnership.
Provides certainty in the provision of funds
Ensures the destination of resources.
It allows its investors to transfer or acquire shares and portfolios easily

Structure of the Investment:

Investors will buy Fiduciary Participations that will be entitled to:

a) profits from the timber production of native forests;

b) the right to use and enjoy the facilities

c) any other business unit that allows the trust to be carried forward without departing from the precepts of sustainable development

Carbon credits: Regarding the possible generation of greenhouse gas emission reduction certificates (GHGs), the trust is presented as an interesting business alternative within the framework of voluntary or mandatory actions to mitigate climate change

Corporate social responsibility. Companies are an important actor when thinking about strategies that contribute to sustainable development. The investment in Forest Trusts aims to exercise, promote and disseminate the concept and practice of Corporate Social Responsibility as a commitment to structural change and good management of natural resources.

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