Other Services

Development and operation of forest projects

GMF offers integral solutions during the entire cycle of the forest plantation project:

• Technical and economic feasibility studies of forestry projects (with or without carbon component)
• Assembly and design of the Business Plan
• Definition of the investment scheme (direct, trust, companies, UTE, etc.) and identification of investors or partners
• Corporate and legal structuring of the project (Law 25.080, 26.737, Der. Real de Sup., Border Security zones, etc.)
• Selection and purchase (or rent) of land or forest cover
• Hiring of goods and services for the operation (extensive network of contractors and suppliers)
• Management and execution of all management activities (planting, protection, pruning, thinning, harvesting, etc.)
• Control and continuous monitoring of the operational and administrative development of the forestry business
• Development and implementation of the Carbon component of the project to obtain the credits
• Management for Forest Sustainability Certification
• Marketing of production (internal and external markets)

Investment schemes

Components of the project:

• Earth + Plantation (native or exotic) / Management (native forest) + Carbon
• Plantation / Management + Carbon
• Only Carbon

Type of participation:

Direct Investment
• Integral (in all components: land, plantation, carbon)
• Partial (in some components. E.g.: plantation without land)

Associated Investment
• With land owner investing in plantation / management and / or carbon.
• With other investors (companies, trusts, UTE, etc.) investing in whole or in part.

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